8 of the Best Foods to Get a Flat Stomach

Some people are just blessed with having a flat belly and to all of you I say...I hate you. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word, but I certainly do envy you! I am someone who has had to work extremely hard to get rid of my belly, therefore I have a lot of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Core exercises and ab workouts go a long way for sure but what I found is that it’s really what you consume!

 It isn’t just about what you eat but also what you drink. Avoiding alcohol, soda and any sugary drinks is a huge chunk of the battle. Below are 8 foods that will help aid your battle for a flat stomach, reduce bloating, enhance your metabolism and make your body feel healthier and more energetic overall.

1. Bananas

It is no secret that bananas are a great source of fiber. If you are looking for a healthy snack that will hold you over for a while, a banana is the way to go. According to Healthline, “A high proportion of starch in unripe bananas is resistant starch, which, as the name suggests, is resistant to digestion and is therefore a type of fiber.” Let me break that down for you; when you eat a banana, it keeps you full longer because your body takes longer to break it down and digest it.

2. Whole Grains

Other blogs and articles might tell you to ditch gluten to shed pounds but grains are actually good for you, especially whole grains. There are exceptions, for example, if you have celiac disease then obviously, you should steer clear of all gluten. “You’re getting fiber, a healthy plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals and a variety of phytochemicals that will improve your health,” says Lilian Cheung, DSc, RD, a lecturer in nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

 “Whole grains help better regulate blood sugar and insulin levels compared to refined grains,” explains Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health's contributing nutrition editor. I recommend eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every day! I add a scoop of peanut butter and berries to spice it up a bit.

3. Yogurt

If I am not eating oatmeal in the morning then I am eating yogurt with fruit and honey. Why? Well first, because it is super yummy and second, because it is great for your gut! Yogurt is full of probiotics that help balance your body and prevent bloating.

4. Lentils

Lentils are packed with protein and fiber that make you full faster. According to Health they're also a good source of iron which is important because often, having an iron deficiency could slow down your metabolism.

 Lentils might seem like random but there are so many delicious ways to prepare them. You can go wrong with lentil soup or served with a lean protein and veggies.

5. Avocado

From being spread on your toast to replacing cheese in mac and cheese, avocado is a widely used and loved fruit! Eating avocado is basically a trend today and this is a trend that your belly will thank you for. According to Health, this super fruit is packed with 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which help keep the pounds off. “In one recent study, researchers found that people who regularly ate avocados had smaller waistlines than those who didn’t.” So, don’t let this fad fade!

6. Ginger

I definitely don’t incorporate ginger into my meals as much as I should but I do love to make ginger tea to help with bloating and stomach pains! This root is an awesome natural remedy my mother grew up using. It works wonders, especially for an upset stomach (it is a great alternative to Tums). 

7. Green Tea

Skip the coffee and drink green tea! I replaced green tea with coffee over a year ago and I feel awesome. Green tea give you that energy and the best part is that when you don’t drink it in the morning you won’t get a headache. Another perk of drinking it is that is helps aid in losing weight! That’s right, if you are an avid green tea drinker losing weight is usually easier than those who do not drink it.

8. Dark Chocolate

I saved the best for last. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck! Dark chocolate that is above 65% cacao is GOOD for you. You read that right, chocolate is indeed good for you. Just like avocados, dark chocolate helps speed up metabolism. One study from the University of California, San Diego found that adults who ate chocolate more frequently had lower body mass index’s than those who hardly ate chocolate. Just remember that it is all about portion control.

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