Forget What the Scale Says

It seems like everyone is so obsessed with the number on the scale! I am here to tell you DON’T BE! Checking how much you weigh is probably the worst way to find out if you are healthy and in shape and I will tell you why!

Muscle weighs more than fat

 Getting into shape is already hard enough! A scale is my worst enemy. Why? Because it is never accurate and is often discouraging. When I started my journey to become healthy and fit I was obsessed with weighing myself to the point of overdoing it. I saw they number wasn’t changing and resorted to unhealthy ways to see that number decrease. Luckily, I began training at a gym and my trainer told me something so valuable: MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT.

 So, if you are on a dedicated journey to become fit and healthy your weight will constantly fluctuate. Chances are, the number on the scale will be higher than you anticipated because of all the muscle you’re gaining and that’s a great thing.

Always remember...

 Remember that the number on a scale does not define you or your health. A scale will never be able to tell you how much body fat you have or if you are on the verge of being diabetic. Being 5’5 and 125 lbs. doesn’t mean you’re healthy. The only way to stay healthy is to eat clean, work hard and be good to your body.

 So, throw away that scale, forget what it says. Go to the doctor if you want to know the truth about your health!

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Ina Garris

Is there going to be an update of this for Apple users


I love my 3PLUS but had to trade it in for a Fitbit so I could sync with weight watchers. Please get set up with them so I can go back to my 3PLUS!

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