Get a Deeper Understanding of Living Healthier and Why it's so Hard

WOAH!!! Is the first thing that I said when I saw the Humanoid Robot. The human race made a robot that can answer questions, has a sense of humor and was made a citizen in Saudi Arabia!?! Crazy and kind of freaky, right? 

I think it is safe to say that the rate that we have developed in the past few years is impressive when you really think about it. But, we are, at the root, hunter gatherers from the beginning of time. Although our brains have developed and we have made some awesome inventions, our brain still tells us that we don't feel like exercising or eating healthy. Here's a deeper look on how you can make living a healthy lifestyle a bit easier!  

The Digital, Information and Technology Revolutions

You are living through the most exciting time in human history - the digital, information and technology revolutions of the 21st century. Your world is defined by artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, space mining, exercise technology and so much more.

More information has been made available in the last ten years, than in the entire history of the human race. 

I bet you wish getting rid of junk food cravings was as easy as inventing a device that you use to make you never want it again! Did you know you’re hardwired to conserve energy and crave sugar, fat and carbs?

Your Reptilian Brain Thinks Like A Hunter Gatherer From the Stone

 Even though you are much better informed than previous generations due to technology like computers, smart phones and the Internet, you have a Reptilian Brain that thinks like a hunter gatherer from the Stone Age. 

Your reptilian brain says: 

  • Sit on the couch and conserve energy; 
  • You’re too tired to go for a walk or run; 
  • Eat pizzas, burgers, fries, cookies, cakes, lollies, ice cream and more sugar and fat.

Activate Your Neocortex Brain

Your neocortex brain is the part of the brain that involves sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought and language. You can activate your neocortex brain by breathing and being mindful, so you can achieve your goals and get your beach body.

Most experts agree that when you track your steps and activities, you know where you are and where you need to go and are therefore more likely to achieve your goals. Knowledge is power. 

 When you have the data from the app that you get, when you purchase your 3Plus Vibe Smartwatch or Activity Tracker, you are empowered to reach your goals. And, you won’t break your budget. Shouldn't being healthy and tracking your daily activity be easy? It shouldn't be expensive to live a healthy life! 


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