Ways to Be More Confident When Exercising

Ever get those pre-workout jitters? You’re not alone. I remember when I first started working out and going to the gym I couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious. I felt like people were judging how much I could bench press or how many sit ups I could do without stopping. The extremely fit people made me feel like I didn’t belong there but with time I overcame all those insecurities. I am going to give you some things to think about when you are exercising that will make you feel less scared and more confident.

 Who cares if you look dumb using that machine

 Here is the truth, whether someone has the perfect abs or is overweight, they have all felt self-conscious one time or another. You’re not the only one at the gym who feels like they can be in better shape or push themselves a little harder. Letting that feeling get to you is what leads to self-sabotage! You’ll want to skip this machine because you aren’t sure how to use it and you’re too embarrassed to figure it out or ask for help. Or, you’ll want to skip that machine because you can do enough reps. Don’t go down that path, focus on yourself and bettering yourself! I can guarantee you that the people who are gym gurus and are ripped didn’t know how to use every machine in the gym when they first started. If you are scared to use weights, my advice to you is to start light rather than heavy and use dumbbells because they are more adaptable for beginners.

 Practice makes perfect

 Personally, I avoided going to zumba, kickboxing or any class that required coordination. I am probably the most uncoordinated person to walk this earth and it takes me forever to pick up on steps or dance moves so for the sake of staying face and not looking dumb, I just skipped any class all together. You might feel the same way but don’t lie to yourself and say that Zumba doesn’t look like an absolute blast! Instead of worrying that you won’t be able to keep up or that you’ll look like a fool, practice at home and attend classes more frequently. The more often you go, the quicker you will progress. Practice makes perfect!

 Have a gym routine

Youtube and Instagram will be your best friends if you do not know where to start when it comes to making a gym routine. Luckily, platforms like these are easily accessible and so helpful today. Wandering around the gym trying to think of what you should do next can be nerve racking and even embarrassing. Save yourself the trouble and by doing some simple research!

Remember that exercising fails happen! Even the most experienced people have gym fails so don't get too much in your head about it.

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