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3Plus HR

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The new thin and sleek 3Plus HR features a comfortable band with a bright and colorful touch screen display. It includes all of the basic functions of our previous trackers but also includes a brand new heart rate monitor. Keep track of your heart rate during your exercises to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts.

Available Options

  • Advanced Activity Tracker

    Advanced Activity Tracker

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

  • Smartphone Alerts

    Smartphone Alerts

  • Touch Screen Display

    Touch Screen Display

  • Sleep Monitoring

    Sleep Monitoring

  • Alarms and Reminders

    Alarms and Reminders

Activity Band Features

Activity Band Features

The HR tracks all your activity automatically throughout your day, including steps, calories burned, distance traveled, active minutes, sleep quality, and heart rate. Keep all your day-to-day activity recorded with the free 3Plus Elite app.

  • Steps


  • Active Minutes

    Active Minutes

  • Calories Burned

    Calories Burned

  • Sleep Quality

    Sleep Quality

  • Distance Traveled

    Distance Traveled

  • Heart Rate

    Heart Rate

You Will Love This Product Because:

  • Incoming/Missed Calls

    Incoming/Missed Calls

  • Email


  • Read Text Messages

    Read Text Messages

  • Social Media

    Social Media

  • Calendar Events

    Calendar Events

Compete with family and friends

You can compare your daily step totals with your friends and family that are also using 3Plus products.The leader boards will update constantly throughout the day and you can measure your progress against your friends list. Be the first to reach your goals!

Compete with family and friends
Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

WIDTH 0.63”
HEIGHT 1.76”

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