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Quality + Design + Affordability = 3+

Meet The 3+ Vibe Pro

3+ family


Love it! Who needs an Apple watch when you can have a 3 Plus HR? This is a very user friendly watch that helps me keep up with my daily activity. I connected with my walking group on the app and now we're battling each other to stay fit. I love it!


The best thing about the 3 Plus is how affordable it is! I was thinking about buying a more expensive tracker then I found this. I don’t have to hold my phone in my hand while I’m exercising anymore and it keeps track for me when I’m hiking!


Love this thing! The 3 Plus Lite is a supper basic tracking watch which is all I need. It has all the necessities and is 10 times cheaper than other watches out there. I also love how small and sleek it looks and how comfortable it is, I sometimes forget I am wearing it. Can’t go wrong with this one.