Can You Relate?

Not having enough storage at home is frustrating and sometimes even stressful, right? The added pressure of buying products that you aren’t sure will help can be stressful too - we know. Origami makes products that require no assembly - therefore no added stress. Most of the Origami products are built with powder coated steel which means no chipping or scratching - it even prevents from corrosion when used outside.

All items are already pre-assembled, sturdy and mobile, allowing you to use them hassle free right out of the box.


Picture never having to struggle when setting up your office desk or storage rack.

What began as a storage shelf for the garage and basement in just one color has expanded to quality products for every room from the kitchen to the baby’s room in a variety of shapes and colors. 

How It All Began:

Assembling furniture can be so confusing and frustrating, not to mention how long it can take! We, just a couple of years ago, thought: "There must be a better way". Our goal has always been to make your life more organized and to relieve just a little of your daily stress.

The response from customers have been overwhelmingly positive. From handicapped customers reaching out to thank us for making assembling their home possible to mothers contacting us to say that they have never experienced such a pleasant and simple process before becoming a customer at Origami.

This Is What YOU Can Expect:

Imagine ordering a furniture product that take less than a minute to set up and doesn’t require anything but your two hands. Now, imagine coming home from work to a clean and organized home that you and your family feel at ease in. Origami gives you just that and more.

Explore our website, watch the videos, read what people have to say about Origami then choose the perfect product for your space!

We Believe Everybody Needs a Hobby!

Ours is getting organized - and helping YOU do the same. We are here to help!

If you ever want to reach out, feel free to contact me directly via email at: I'd love to hear from you.