The app that goes beyond tracking and turns fitness into play

Fitness is hard, but 3Plus makes getting fit fun ,so you can stop looking at charts and graphs and enjoy getting in shape. The 3Plus phone app brings the most engaging fitness tools to a retina display with games and challenges to get you moving more throughout the day.

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It starts with personalized challenges

The 3Plus phone app acts like your very own personal trainer by giving you customized challenges to hit throughout the day. 3Plus uses real things you can relate to for motivation to move more, like burning that cupcake you ate at lunch, beating your best friend’s average or going the distance of a marathon.

App tracks your results in easy-to-read graphs

Visualize your activity results over time in easy-to-read graphs of your progress. 3Plus keeps track of all of your steps, activity minutes, distance and calories so that you can use your brain energy on other things.

Compete with your friends around the world

Use your friends achievements to get you moving each day. With the 3Plus phone app, you can see how you stack up with your friends. Add new friends easily via Facebook, email, or SMS. Beating their personal bests and average steps can get you bonus points in addition to bragging rights. Walk, climb and run your way to the top of the charts!

See the results of your progress

Achieve your weight loss goals and view your progress with 3Plus quick and easy to use weight tracker. Just enter in your weight each day and watch the pounds come off as you get more active.