The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Getting in Shape

by Accounts Receivable on Sep 02, 2020

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Getting in Shape

Okay, today is the day!!! I am going to eat clean, exercise and finally get into shape. No more messing around.....right after I eat this donut and hamburger...

Does this conversation sound familiar? Maybe you have tried over 10 times to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle and things just didn't work out. So what? That is life! Hopefully with the help of this blog, THIS time will be different!

There is still hope and by the end of this blog, you're going to know exactly what you have to do to change your life and get into shape.

Find your weakness.

Let's get this started. If you have tried this getting into shape thing before, think back to those moments. Was it working or did you notice that you weren't making any progress? What made you quit? The fact of the matter is that you quit for a reason even if it was a dumb one. Once you have figured that out, you will know what to avoid or learn how to deal with it.

Set goals and make new habits

Choose goals that you will carry out. What does that mean? It means to be so specific with your goals to the point of overkill. It is important to write them down and schedule them:

EXAMPLE: On 1/01/2018 I will go to the gym after work and do cardio. For dinner I will make Chicken and vegetable with quinoa. 

If you have tried it before and aren't one to follow a schedule then a great alternative is making good habits!

Getting into the habit of walking during your lunch hour is a good one. Or walking to the grocery store whenever you go. You can also get into the habit of eating a vegetable with every dinner meal.

Clean up your diet.

I am sure you have heard this before: 80% of your success when it comes to getting healthy and losing weigh is what you eat! The only exception I can think of is if you are a marathon runner, then you can eat whatever you want! But let's face it, if you are reading this you probably aren't.

Find whatever motivates you to eat clean whether it is counting calories, cutting out all sugar or trying the paleo diet. This is the MOST important step.

Check out A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Eating.

My advice to you is to take it one week at a time. Right now you might be so excited to lose weight but if you jump the gun and cut out all then unhealthy foods at once, your stomach will freak out and you will resort to your old ways quicker than you know. Cut out one bad food each week and build from there. 

Find a physical activity that is fun and makes you happy.

For those of you that absolutely hate even the thought of working out, find different ways to make it fun. Exercise does not have to be boring. Call up a friend and see if they want to do a scenic hike with a beautiful view at the end. Or do an early morning walk to catch the sunrise. You can also plan an outing like ice skating with a group of friends.

Be inspired and motivated.

Think about why you want to get in shape. What pushed you to that ah ha! moment? The moment you realized that you needed to really get in shape and chage your lifestyle. Wether it's because you are having health issues, you're overweight or you want to do it for fun, every reason is important. Write it down, hang it up on your mirror, set a daily reminder on your phone. 

The important thing is to STAY motivated so always keep that reason in the front of your mind. Watch or read success stories and do whatever you need to to be inspired. Channel that feeling of longing to be in shape and not have to worry and run with that! 

Here is the truth, it will never be easy unless you have motivation and can find inspiration to push through the tough days.

Find a support team.

It is hard to have a positive attitude and actually WANT to get fit, especially for those that are just embarking on a new journey. It is often intimidating but you do not have to be alone. Consider joining a fitness group that reminds you to keep up that good work or enter a challenge that will motivate you to reach your goal. 

There are plenty of awesome challenges you can join and you know why they are so great? Because they use money as motivation! All the rage right now are the bootcamps that require you to pay X amount of money for a month and if you reach the goal you set for yourself in that month they give you your money back. Genius if you ask me!

You can also find a workout buddy. Getting a friend or significant other on board to become healthier and stronger is a really good idea. If the people around you are on the same page it makes everything easier and more enjoyable for you. You won’t be the only one eating a grilled chicken salad while everyone else eats pizza!

You got this.

Today is a new beginning for you so be happy!

It is important to understand that this is not a quick fix. Don't give up when you don't see abs peaking through in two weeks. This is a lifestyle change. Remember that patience is virtue and slow and steady wins the race! 

I also have a little present for you below! If you click on the pamphlet icon below, you will get a downloadable 30 minute workout guide for beginners. It is the perfect workout to begin your new lifestyle change!


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