How do I charge my 3Plus Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. Connect the provided USB cable to a USB power adaptor
    2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the wireless charging dock
    3. Plug the USB power adaptor into an electric socket. You’ll know when the dock is powered when the LED indicator is blue
    4. Place the Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch (with the buttons facing up) on the charging dock. Let the watch rest against the dock. You’ll know when the watch is resting correctly on the dock when the LED indicator changes from blue to red or green.
    What do the buttons do?
    1. The top button is the Home button. Wherever you swipe to on the watch, press the top button to go back to your watch face.
    2. The bottom button is the back button. Press the bottom button to go back to the previous UI.
    How do I set up my 3Plus Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. Download the 3Plus Hybrid app from the Google Play store or the Apple Apps store
    2. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device
    3. Open the 3Plus Hybrid app, log in or create a new account if you’re a new user
    4. Select the Cruz or Callie watch, depending on which device you want to pair.
    5. Select either the Scan method or Manual method.
    6. If you want to use Scan method, make sure you see a QR code on your watch face. If you don’t see a QR code, please use the Manual method to pair your watch.
    7. To pair using Scan Method, hold the watch up to the camera and align the QR code on the watch with the viewfinder in the app
    8. To pair using Manual Method, the 3Plus Hybrid app will search and pull up a list of for nearby Bluetooth devices. Match the watch number to the number on the list in the app. Tap the matching number on the app to pair the watch then tap the green check mark on the watch to accept the pairing.
    How do I set the time (calibrate) on my Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. From the 3Plus Hybrid app, tap the Settings
    2. Scroll down to Time Calibration and select Manual Calibration or Scan Calibration
    3. To calibrate using Manual Calibration, move the hands by swiping your finger around the virtual dial on the phone screen. You can precisely adjust the hands position by using the +/- buttons on the phone screen.
    4. To calibrate using Scan Calibration, steadily hold the camera and align the watch case to the viewfinder in the app. After a short period, the watch hands will automatically move to the correct time.
    5. Tap Save
    How do I update my 3Plus Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. Before you attempt to update the watch, make sure your it has at least 30% battery or higher.
    2. On your phone, open the 3Plus Hybrid app and head to the dashboard.
    3. Tap on the “New Update Available” bar to update your watch.
    4. Updating your watch will take several minutes to complete.
    5. Leave your watch near your phone until the update is complete. Don’t restart your phone or watch and don’t’ close the 3Plus Hybrid app. When the update is complete, your watch will restart on its own.
    How do I use my 3Plus Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. After you paired the device, you can swipe up, down, left and right from the main watch face to access different screens.
    2. Swipe left to view the activity menu
    3. Swipe right to view the apps menu
    4. Swipe up to view the quick settings menu
    5. Swipe down to view the notification center
    What types of activity does the 3Plus Cruz and Callie Hybrid watch track?
    1. The watches track your daily activities such as daily steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and active minutes. The watches can also record your running and walking workouts
    2. The watches can monitor the duration and different cycles of sleep.
    How do I track my sleep?
    1. To track you sleep you can either turn on sleep tracking mode or set a schedule on the Hybrid app
    2. To turn on sleep tracking mode manually, swipe left and tap on the sleep icon ()
    3. Turn on sleep tracking mode by tapping the sleep icon (). When you wake up, turn off sleep tracking mode by tapping the wake icon ().
    4. To set a scheudle to track your sleep, open the 3Plus Hybrid app and tap the Settings
    5. Scroll down to Preset Sleep and turn the mode on. Adjust your bed time and awake time to your sleeping habits. Tap save to keep your changes.
    How do I set my weather location?
    1. From the 3Plus Hybrid app dashboard, tap on Settings
    2. Scroll down to Weather then select Add a new location
    3. Enter and search for the name of your city. Tap on the correct city that is listed below.
    4. The weather is now updated on your watch.
    How do I control music on my Cruz of Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. The Cruz and Callie Hybrid watch can control music stored on your phone and specific playlists from your Spotify premium account.
    2. To control the music stored on your phone,
    How do I track exercise with my Cruz or Callie Hybrid watch?
    1. On your watch, open the Workout app ()
    2. Tap on the start icon (). You’ll see a countdown followed by the Lets Go! Screen.
    3. Swipe right to cycle through your real time workout stats.
    4. If you want to pause or if you’re done working out, swipe to the pause icon () .
    5. Tap on the start icon (). to resume your workout or tap o the flag icon () to end.
    6. You’ll be presented with your workout summary. Tap the Done button to close the summary.