How do I reset my 3Plus Helio?

    Reset your 3Plus password if you forget it or want to change it. We recommend entering a new password that is different from your previous 3Plus account passwords.

    • On your phone, download the 3+ Fitness app.

    • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and the device has power. You can check if the device has power by placing it on the charger or by pressing on the crown to see the screen lights up.

    • Follow the instructions in the app to set up an account and pair your device.

    How do I set reminders on my 3Plus Vibe?
    1. Open the 3Plus Elite Series app and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and
      select “Reminders.”
    2. Select the “Add a New Reminder” at the bottom of the screen. Select the type of
      reminder you want to set by tapping on the arrow. Customize the time and date then
      select “Save” to sync your new reminder to your 3Plus VIBE.
    3. You can check what types of reminders you have set by going back to the app or looking
      in the “APPS” section of the 3Plus VIBE.
    4. The VIBE will vibrate twice and an icon will appear on the device when your reminder
      goes off.
    How far away can my Helio be from my phone and still be connected?

    The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Helio hybris smartwatch can vary greatly depending on the environment. In general, you should have at least 10 meters (or 30 feet) of connectivity.

    Why will my paired Helio hybrid smartwatch not sync?

    There could be a variety of reasons why your Helio is having issues syncing to the 3+ Fitness app.

    • The Helio might be disconnecting if moved outside of the phone’s Bluetooth range. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters (30 feet) if there are no doors, walls, or other obstacles between the phone and the watch.

    • Bluetooth might be disabled on the phone. The app will notify you that Bluetooth is not on and will ask you to turn it on. Try enabling Bluetooth on your phone using the phone’s Bluetooth settings. If it is already enabled, try turning Bluetooth off and on.

    How often do I need to sync Helio to the 3+ Fitness app.

    We recommend syncing the Helio at least once every day to guarantee your device stays fully updated and properly functioning. Regularly syncing in the app also prevents the loss of Activity data.

    How long will my Helio hybrid smart watch battery last?

    Depending on the usage, your touch screen can last up to 5 days. When your battery life is low, it automatically switches to watch mode, powering the watch hands only for an additional 100 days.

    How long will it take to charge my Helio hybrid smartwatch?

    It takes about 2 hours to fully charge your Helio.

    How do I maximize my battery life?

    Notifications cause your watch to vibrate frequently and opening messages move the hands a lot. Frequent alerts may cause your battery to drain more quickly. To maximize battery life, you can try to reduce the number of people or apps you have selected.

    Is my Helio water resistant?

    Yes, the Helio hybrid smartwatch is 5 ATM water resistant. This means that the Helio is water resistant up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes. Follow these tips to carefully prevent damage to the Helio and to help maintain the water and dust resistant performance of the device.

    • Try not expose the device to water moving with force, such as water running from a tap, hose or shower.

    • Do not expose the device toe water moving at high velocity, including water from platform diving, surfing, waves, spa jets or motorized water sports.

    • Do not expose the watch to high water temperatures, such as saunas, steam rooms or Jacuzzis.

    • If the device is exposed to freshwater, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. If the device is exposed to any liquid other than freshwater such as perfume, soapy water, oil, pool water, sea water, sun block, or lotion, rinse the device with freshwater and dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth before using your device. Do not dry the device with a heating machine, such as a hair drier.

    Is the Helio hybrid smart watch a touchscreen device?

    Yes, the Helio features a touch screen AMOLED display under the mechanical watch hands.

    Does the Helio hybrid smart watch have a microphone and/or speaker?
    • No, it does not have a microphone or speaker.

    Does my Helio hybrid smart watch monitor my heart rate?
    • Yes, the Helio features a built-in heart rate monitor and you can monitor your heart rate continuously or take readings whenever you want.

    Does my Helio hybrid smart watch have built-in GPS?

    No, the Helio hybrid smart watch does not have a built-in GPS.

    Does my Helio hybrid smart watch track my sleep?

    Yes, if you wear the Helio hybrid smart watch to sleep, the watch can monitor how long you’ve slept and how much time you spent in different sleep stages.

    Will the Helio hybrid smart watch tell time even if my watch is not connected to my smartphone?

    Yes, the Helio will continue telling time in the time zone in which it was last connected to.

    How do I change the time when I visit a different time zone?

    When you enter a new time zone, sync your Helio to the 3+ Fitness app and the new time zone will be adjusted on your watch.

    Why do I have to calibrate the watch hands on the Helio hybrid smartwatch?

    In order the coordinate movement between the mechanical hands and the touch screen, you have to calibrate the watch hands. If you don’t calibrate the watch hands, they may not tell the correct time or move properly.

    How do I calibrate the watch hands on the Helio hybrid smartwatch?
    • Open the 3+ Fitness app

    • Open the settings from the bottom menu

    • Select “Watch Settings” tab

    • Tap on “Hand Calibration”

    • Follow the steps in the app to calibrate your watch via manual method or by camera.

    What type of activity data does my Helio hybrid smartwatch track?

    The Helio tracks daily activity such as steps, calories burned, distance, active minutes, sleep (awake, light and deep) and heart rate.

    Do I need to press a button or take action to start tracking my sleep?

    If you don’t have a sleep schedule set up, then yes you must turn on sleep mode to start tracking your sleep.

    How can I change the watch face on my Helio hybrid smartwatch?

    When your watch is on and is showing the watch face, tap and hold on the watch face until you see a list available watch face. Scroll up and down the list then tap on the watch face you want to use.