Get Ready To Step Into Feeling Fantastic...

Get on Track to Body Confidence

How? With Fitness Bands and Smartwatches that naturally help you experience the unlimited potential in your body.

You Are Just One Step Away From Making A Big Difference In Your Life.

Why You Need One:

Don’t let the stress of the day keep you from getting fit, Naturally it makes sense because these smart helpers will make it easier to find ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day. You are going to love it.

Can You Relate?

Realizing this, you know now - you need physical activity to improve your sleep and mood, manage stress, decrease your cardiovascular risk, prevent dementia, and reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis.

Move from Body Shame to Body Confidence. Body Confidence is attractive, because if you love the way you look, other people will too.

Choose 1 of These 4 Devices:

Undercover with Cruz

Nobody will ever notice what a powerful device you have on your wrist. It's classic watch design is packed with tons of smart-features:

Daily activity tracking, a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker provide insights into daily health and wellness. The physical watch hands provide accurate timekeeping for up to 30 days without a charge. 

The touchscreen display also lets you control your music playlist. With quick band changes, the "Cruz" hybrid watch lets you customize your daily look while keeping track of the time and daily workouts that will let you feel so much better. 


Get That Good Vibe Feeling

If you prefer to wear a smartwatch rather than a band, the 3Plus Vibe Smartwatch is for you. It has a bright and colourful touch screen display with games and challenges on a sleek, comfortable band.

And it has all the features of our fitness and activity trackers plus an Inactivity Alert. You can read text messages, calendar events, social media and email.


Hip, Chic and Healthy in Purple, Red, Teal or Black

If you want more advanced tracking, the 3Plus HR Activity Tracker is the one for you. It has all the features of the 3Plus Lite Fitness Tracker, plus Activity Monitoring and a Heart Rate Monitor.

And you can read text messages, calendar events, social media and email.


Pretty in Pink or Hip in Black?

The 3Plus Lite Fitness Tracker is the device you need, if you’re just starting out. This sleek companion counts steps, calories burned, distance travelled, duration of sleep and sleep cycles.

You can set wake up reminders and get notifications re text messages and calls. And you can wear it anywhere, because it is dust and water proof.