Can I change my watch face from the watch or can I only do it from the app?

      There are 5 in-watch faces. To change your watch face, press and hold your current watch face screen until the face shrinks. Then you can scroll left to choose your watch face. For more watch faces, go to Settings (bottom menu in your APP) > Watch face > and select from 50+ more choices from the APP.

    How does my Vibe PRO detect my sleep pattern?

      Vibe PRO has automatic sleep tracking, and the watch will automatically start tracking your sleep once you pair to your mobile device. The sleep is tracked only once per 24-hour cycle starting from 6pm in your time zone. I.e. if you sleep from 6pm to 11pm your watch will track your sleep for that sleep cycle but will not track any other sleep cycles until 6pm the next day.

    How does the GPS work on the Vibe PRO?

      The GPS will turn on once you select an outdoors sports activity mode. These sports modes are Outdoor running, Outdoor cycling, Walking, Hiking, Trail running, and Open water. Once you select theses sports modes, the watch will ask you if you want to turn it on before starting the workout.

    Does the 3+ app work with any other fitness apps?

      The 3+ app is currently compatible with Google Fit and Apple Heath Kit.

    Can I swim with Vibe PRO?

      Yes! Vibe PRO is professional water resistant grade 5 ATM (pressure of 5 bar or a water column of 50 meters). In practice, this corresponds to the pressure of a flowing water jet when washing hands, showering, bathing, swimming and snorkeling.

    How does Spotify work on the Vibe PRO?

      Open the Spotify app on your phone and play a song or podcast. On the Vibe PRO, swipe left or right until you see the music app. Click on the app and from there you can pause/play, skip, rewind, and adjust the volume from the Vibe PRO.

    Can personal music be stored on the Vibe PRO?

      No, music cannot be stored on the Vibe PRO.

    Why are notifications delayed or missing on the Vibe PRO?

      Notifications may skip or stop occasionally for several reasons.

    1. Your phone must be within 30 feet of your Vibe PRO to receive notifications.
    2. You won’t see text notifications if you have the conversation open on your phone.
    3. The Vibe PRO shows new, unread texts.
    4. You won’t see notifications if you turned on settings such as do not disturb mode, quiet hours, or driving mode on your phone.
    5. You also won't see notifications on the Vibe PRO if you turned on do not disturb mode or sleep mode on the watch.
    6. If you’re using multiple Bluetooth devices, your device may have trouble syncing to your watch. Try and sync the watch again.
    7. You also won't see notifications on the Vibe PRO if you turned on do not disturb mode or sleep mode on the watch.
    8. Make sure the 3+ APP is allowed to run in the background on your phone.
    9. You can receive notifications from 3rd party apps. To receive notifications from these apps, go to Settings > Notification > Other apps. Here you can select which apps to receive notifications from. Make sure to turn on the Other Apps button at the top to receive notifications.
    Why is the Vibe PRO not reading my heart rate?

      The Vibe PRO continuously tracks your heart rate while you’re exercising and throughout the day. If the Vibe PRO doesn’t detect a heart rate, you may have to adjust the watch by either moving it higher or lower on your wrist and tightening or loosening the wristband. The Vibe PRO should be in contact with your skin. After holding your arm still and straight for a short time, you should see a heart rate reading.

    Why is the Vibe PRO not reading my blood oxygen?

      You may have to adjust the watch by either moving it higher or lower on your wrist and tightening or loosening the wristband. The blood oxygen sensor also requires the user to be still with the watch screen facing up. Make sure you are wearing your watch 1 finger away from the wrist bone.

    Why is my GPS not connecting when I start a workout?

      Environmental factors including tall buildings, dense forests, steep hills or even thick cloud cover can interfere with your watch’s ability to connect to GPS satellites. For best results, wait for the watch to find your GPS signal first before you start your workout.

    How do I set my fitness goals on the Vibe PRO?

      To set your activity goals, open the 3+ APP and tap on the pencil icon on the top righthand corner. Here you can increase or decrease the number of steps and change your goal for active minutes, distance travelled, or calories burned. You can also set your weight goal and water consumption goal in the same section.

    How many notifications can be stored on the Vibe PRO?

      The Vibe PRO can store up to 20 notifications. Any new notifications will replace the oldest existing notification.

    How to update my Firmware?

      To check and update your watch with the latest firmware, you need to go to your APP Settings on your dashboard (bottom menu)  More settings, then scroll down until you see Device firmware update and tap on it to update.

    How to reconnect your watch if your watch gets disconnected with your smart phone?

      If somehow your watch is disconnected from your phone within the Bluetooth connection range and does not connect back by itself, do the following:

    1. First, you want to check and see if you accidently turned on airplane mode on your watch.
    2. Second, go to your phone’s Bluetooth connection settings and make sure it’s still connected. (if it’s not connected, you will have to perform factory reset and re-pair your watch). Please note by doing factory reset, you will lose all the data from your watch, but you will still have all the previous data before the day you performed factory reset on your APP.
    3. If it’s still connected, please close and open your APP, then try to sync again.
    How do I manage alarms on my Vibe PRO?

      The Vibe Pro alarm will gently vibrate to alert you for reminders and notifications. To manage these alarms, go to Settings on your dashboard (bottom menu) > Reminder Settings > and then Alarm.

    How do I change my time format and temperature unit?

      Go to Settings on your dashboard (bottom menu) > More settings and then scroll down the menu until you see time and the temperature unit setting.